Monday, June 23, 2014

The Maritime and Classic Boat Museum

Located on the shoreline of the beautiful Indian River Lagoon, the Maritime and Classic Boat Museum is devoted to the collection, preservation, restoration and interpretation of the maritime and boating history on the Treasure Coast. Educational programs and exhibits, along with opportunities to restore classic boats and celebrate the area’s maritime history are all elements of the museum experience.

The Maritime and Classic Boat Museum was established in 1993 as a non-profit community organization and opened its doors to the public in 1995. The Museum is rich in artifacts that span the history of boats and boating from the canoes of the Ais Indians to internationally significant developments including the sport fishing boat, the Rybovich chair, and the Evinrude motor in the early twentieth century.

Thousands of visitors annually are attracted to the Museum’s exhibits, and a devoted coterie of boat enthusiasts use the Museum’s facilities for restoring classic boats, preserving a culture that, for the Treasure Coast, goes back centuries.

The Museum enjoys collaborations with History Miami, the Marine Industries Council, the U.S. Sailing Center – Martin County, Indian River State College, and Indian RiverSide Park neighbors including the Frances Langford Pavilion, the Children’s Museum, and the Mansion at Tuckahoe. Over the years it has been privileged to earn the interest and support of families who pioneered the boating industry on the Treasure Coast, including the Evinrudes, the Whiticars, and the Lowes.

Now it stands poised for a bold new venture within Indian RiverSide Park: the construction of the Restoration Workshop, the first phase in a comprehensive complex that honors the history of boating, its cultural significance to the Treasure Coast, and its role as an economic engine of the past and future.

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Top 10 Reasons to Go Fishing

After a long winter, finally the summer season has come, and there's nothing more that the Americans love and enjoy, than going out and fishing with friends and family, recent studies have demonstrated that its also a stress release activity, however if your not convinced yet we leave you the following reasons:

1.  Contribute to Conservation: Anglers put their money where their mouth is and are passionate about the environment. By purchasing fishing licenses and paying special taxes that they themselves have agreed upon anglers have helped to fund many of the wildlife and conservation programs that exist in the United States. They also contribute to non-game and education programs, and to the purchase of thousands of acres of public lands, where everyone is welcome to recreate year round. Anglers are also acutely aware of the importance of clean water and air and pride themselves on protecting and preserving our environment, natural communities, and valuable habitat.

2.  Stress Relief: Ask most anglers why they enjoy spending time in the outdoors and you're likely to hear the word "freedom." Spending a day afield casting for trout on a cool mountain stream or bobber fishing for bluegills on a pond helps to release us from our highly stressful, everyday environment. Nothing brings on the sense of being alive and helps to rebuild our personal reserves like a day spent interacting with nature.

3.  Social Bonding: Sharing a fishing experience helps strengthen relationships with family and friends. It also offers a person the chance to give back to society through mentoring others in the pleasure and importance of being good stewards of our natural resources.

4.  Supports Wildlife and Fisheries Management: Angling is an important wildlife management tool. For more than 100 years anglers have helped to contribute to wildlife and fisheries management efforts by helping to set seasons and creel limits. Wildlife populations of most fish species remain stable and in some cases flourish, a far cry from a decade ago when many species suffered from over harvest and the ill effects of pollution. Anglers also have a vested interest in and support many efforts to preserve and protect all species and the environment-all the while helping to increase biodiversity.

5.  Health Benefits: More than fifty percent of Americans are overweight. Being outside and being active helps to make you feel better and encourages a healthier way of life. Driving to your local grocery store and fast food restaurant might be convenient, but fishing can also help you burn those unwanted calories, increase the quality of your lifestyle, and add years to your life.

6.  Recreation: Having a bad day of fishing still beats a day in the office or tending to house chores. The most common reason you will find with people who like to fish is that it is simply fun, whether you enjoy trolling for stripers or outwitting a weary brook trout with a hand-tied fly that imitates an insect the size of a pin head.

7.  Self Fulfillment: Fishing offers you the chance to improve your self-esteem through respect for the environment, mastering outdoor skills and achieving personal goals. Fishing can also play an important role in ones personal and social development. Fishing is a lifetime skill and activity that can be enjoyed at any age. Just ask a youngster who reeled in their first fish how much fun fishing can be.

8.  Boost to the Economy: America's anglers generate millions in state and local taxes and directly support thousands jobs, that gives an economic boost that any state government would be pleased with.

9.  Fishing for Food: Wild fish are low in fat and cholesterol and high in protein. In fact, the American Heart Association recommends a regular diet of fish. Besides it's a lot more challenging to catch that plate of fresh fish than to stroll endlessly down a supermarket aisle if you decide to keep your catch.

10.  The Thrill: Fishing has a way of fulfilling an age-old need of pursuing and catching. The thrill lies in the challenge, such as stalking an exclusive wild trout or matching the hatch. But there are many who will be quick to profess that it's not the catching of fish that's important, but the immeasurable life lessons that you will experience along the way.

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Whiticar Marine North - Sailboat Rigging On The Treasure Coast

The Rigging Department at Whiticar Marine North in Fort Pierce, Florida offers competitively-priced service for all of your sailing needs. Under the leadership of Rich Gardner, a sailboat expert with 38 years of sailing and marine industry experience, residents and cruisers along the Treasure Coast can expect quality sailboat service.

Whether you are on your way North, or sailing down south to the Bahamas, you can access our location at Harbortown Marina through the convenient and easy to navigate Fort Pierce Inlet, and be comforted that you are leaving your sailboat in the hands of the only fully staffed sail rigging department in the Ft. Pierce area.

Contact Rich Gardner for your service needs today at 772.460.0660 ext: 412.

Services include:

Standing Rigging / Running Rigging
Life Lines / Sail Care
Sail & Furler Upgrades
Custom Splicing
Rig Tuning / Rig Inspections
Winch Rebuilding
Marine Electronics / New & Repair
Marine Hardware

Shearwater Marine & Industrial - Engine & Generator Parts & Service

Shearwater Marine was established in 1996 to focus on engine and generator sales, retail parts sales and dockside service at your location.  As part of the Whiticar Boat Works team, Shearwater Marine brings the same exceptional service to the parts counter or to your boat.

Shearwater Marine sells and services a wide range of engines and generators along the Treasure Coast and beyond.  With a large inventory of engine parts, generator parts and maintenance supplies, Shearwater Marine’s dockside service saves you time and helps get you back on the water sooner to enjoy with family and friends. Our fleet of vans and qualified marine technicians can handle all of your on-site service needs.

Experience the Whiticar quality and courtesy with Shearwater Marine.

Prompt Mobile Marine response
Parts delivery to marina
Do-it-yourself assistance
Maintenance programs
Oil analysis
Engine / generator survey
Repower consultation
Authorized Dealers for:

Marine Engines

Cummins Marine
Universal Marine
Industrial Engines


Northern Lights
Engine Oil