Thursday, October 2, 2014

Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Boat Looking Its Best

If you are a boat owner you know that your boat was a big investment and it’s important to take a good care of it. For most people, cleaning their boat is not an enjoyable thing to do but it is necessary to keep your boat looking like new which will help maintain its value for longer time than if you didn’t keep it clean and well maintained.

Many new boat owners think that cleaning their boats takes a long time because some of them spend so much more time scrubbing and polishing their boats than actually sailing or fishing in them. But cleaning your boat could be a simple task if done right.  You just need to have the right products and tools. It is also important to clean it regularly and efficiently.

The following tips will help you preserve your boat and keep it as clean as new.

Cleaning Equipment and Products
Before you go ahead and start cleaning your boat you first have to select the right cleaning equipment taking into consideration the type of boat you have. You have to pay special attention when selecting cleaning brushes because an inadequate brush can damage your boat’s finish. It is also imperative to pay attention to other tools needed to get the job done. This may sound obvious but we often see how many people don’t even have a long handle on a scrub brush that allows them to reach hard-to-reach areas.

It is important to select a good soap or cleaning product to clean up your boat. Make sure you look for products that will help you to remove the corrosive salt that can remain on your boa boat. If you care about the environment, you should also consider using cleaning products which are environment friendly and have a neutral pH factor (biodegradable).

Always rinse with Fresh Water
If you boat was in a saltwater environment. You should rinse your boat with fresh water after every trip. This habit will prevent the salt residue from eating away the boat’s finish.   Keep in mind, this should always be the first step when cleaning up your boat because you should never scrub a dry boat or you will risk damaging the finish. When you start cleaning we recommend you to start at the top and work all the way down. It is better to do it by sections to avoid missing any spots, this way you avoid that some sections dry before you can scrub them.

Dry the Structure
When drying your boat you should use soft drying clothes, these are highly absorbent and will soak up water without stripping or scratching.

Clean the Windows and the Upholstery
Besides the regular glass cleaner, many boat owners recommend using a water and vinegar solution because it works well and also is environment friendly. For the upholstery you can first clean using a damp cloth to remove dirt and salt and then you can apply a quality vinyl treatment to protect and preserve your boat upholstery.

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