Monday, July 27, 2015

9 Steps for Charging a Battery, Cleaning and Retightening Your Boat’s Main Battery Connections.

1.                  For safety reasons and to protect the expensive boat alternator that keeps your battery charged when operating the motor, be sure to disconnect the negative battery terminal before hooking up your battery charger to charge the battery.
2.                  Better yet, just make a habit of disconnecting BOTH the positive and negative battery connections to the boat when charging.

3.                  Make sure the positive connections are clearly marked red, with either red colored plastic or red electrical tape to prevent hooking things up wrong when reassembling connections.

4.                  If you see any sign of white or green powdery substances on or around the battery terminals, loosen these connections. Most batteries have wing nuts that make the connections, so use a set of slip-joint pliers to loosen or tighten them.


5.                  Once the battery is completely disconnected (safety glasses are always recommended when working around battery acid), spray or pour on a Battery Acid Cleaner and Neutralizer to completely clean the battery positive and negative posts. Clean with a brush if corrosion is severe. A simple color change of the solution from red to yellow lets you know the battery acid has been neutralized.


6.                  Rinse the residual debris with water which has now been chemically changed to a harmless salt water solution.

7.                  Clean and brush each cable going to the battery with a Battery Acid Cleaner and Neutralizer. Again, a “simple color change from red to yellow” lets you know the battery acid has been neutralized.


8.                  Rinse the residual debris (now a harmless salt water solution) with water as you did with the battery posts.

9.                  Allow the battery to completely dry before reconnecting it.

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