Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Boat and Vessel Security Systems:

Your boat, yacht or vessel, is one of your dreams come true and you've worked hard enough to have one and enjoy it. As such, you must take every precaution to ensure its safety and integrity, as it is a valuable investment which not only holds economic value but also, an emotional and sentimental value as well.

There are different types of security systems available on the market, and these systems can be fully customized to meet your specific boat security needs and your budget as well.
Security systems include different alarm types which when triggered will bring the appropriate response required according to the specific scenario taking place. For example, sensors may alert you to a variety of incidents such as incoming water to your boat, smoke in your cabin, loss of power, or alert you about unauthorized movements or presence inside your boat.

It is important to understand the difference between regular household security systems and specific boat and vessel security equipment. This difference lies in the waterproof resistance technology which has been applied to these specific products in order to make them durable and resistant. These are technologies which are not applied to regular household products, only to security and alarm systems specifically designed for boats, yachts and vessels.

Technology has been a game changer in the marine security systems field. There are a lot of available technologies which you may benefit from to protect your valued investment. Although your specific boat or vessel won't require some of these advanced technologies, it is great to keep yourself in the loop with what technology has available for your boat's safety and protection:

Satellite-based GPS tracking:

Whether your boat or vessel is large or small, satellite-based GPS tracking technology is able to provide you with the peace of mind of knowing exactly where your vessel is located. Not only is this technology helpful in the event your boat gets lost or stolen, but it can also help you track its location if it's relocated to another location for servicing, storage, or if someone borrowed it for their personal enjoyment without your consent. Companies offering this type of service may also partner with Google Maps in order to enhance the user experience as well as increase the accuracy of your vessel's location on Google maps.


Depending on the security system you select for your boat, yacht or vessel, your system will be able to connect to the internet to send you e-mail or SMS notifications regarding events taking place within your boat. Depending on your budget and the features your specific vessel requires, you may receive notifications regarding break-ins, fire & smoke alarms, floods, or even motion-detection notifications directly sent to your mobile device or email. These notifications may be sent in the form of a short video clip, letting you see exactly what is happening inside your boat or vessel.

Advent of the Cloud:

Cloud computing will take care of the storage of video captured by security cameras installed within your boat, both inside & outside. As a result you will not have to deal with lots of cables, storage devices or equipment taking valuable space away from your boat. Most importantly you will have access to all recordings, both live streaming and actual recordings, from the convenience of your own mobile device or from any PC, anywhere.

Old technology with a twist:

If you're not very tech savvy or if your boat does not require a lot of technology to safeguard it, you can always opt in for simpler things like audible break-in alarms. Unlike old fashioned alarms, these boat and vessel alarms are designed to use audible frequencies which are highly disturbing to the human ear, and are specifically designed to deter burglars, thieves & break-ins by causing confusion and disorientation due to the use of extremely intolerable sound frequencies.

In summary, whichever type of system you decide to acquire, it will be acquired with the intention of protecting your boat, yacht or vessel. As a valuable investment to cherish and enjoy, it's certainly necessary to safeguard it against all sorts of risks, including break-ins, theft and intrusion. And thanks to recent technologies, you may even have fun with your security system by doing things such as taking a close look remotely from your office or from another city to your beloved vessel, or even activating some of your vessel's functions remotely in order to perform maintenance to it.

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