Monday, August 31, 2015

Useful tips for night boating

Any boater could potentially find themselves boating after dark. Night boating can be very dangerous so we want to make sure you’re prepared in this situation. Here are some tips that can help keep you safe while boating at night:

Make sure you always have night boating supplies.
Even if you are not planning on staying out after dark, it is best to have the supplies on hand in case of an unexpected situation. You should have some night vision technology to use. Also, have each person wear a glow stick so, in the case that someone falls in the water, it will be easier to find them.

Try to have as little light as possible.
The darker it is on the boat, the easier it is to see on the water since your eyes will be accustomed to the dark. Even a little light can make your night vision worse because your eyes will naturally adapt to the light. So, make sure you only have necessary sources of light on while night boating.

Do not use the boats docking lights.
These are meant to help while docking, not to light your way at night. While you may be able to see a short distance in front of you, these lights actually put you at a disadvantage because your eyes will get accustomed to them and then not be able to see well past the lights.

Stay away from other boats.
Especially if other boats are using their docking lights, you should stay away from them. Their lights could potentially blind you if they flash straight at you. Also, even if they don’t have lights on, it is best to stay away to make sure there are no collisions.

Don’t look at the stars.
The stars may look beautiful at night, but looking at them while boating is dangerous as it can cause vertigo and sea sickness. That is dangerous in a situation where boating is already difficult because of the darkness. 

Have a lookout focused solely on looking out over the water.
The captain steering the boat has to focus on too much to also focus on what’s out on the water fulltime. So, you should have a separate person posted to keep an eye on the water at all times.
Next time you go out to sea, make sure to keep these tips in mind, even if you don’t plan on staying out after dark. After all, it’s better to be prepared in case you unexpectedly find yourself out at night. Always be safe!

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