Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Contemporary Seamanship: Boating Technological Innovations

The 3 most trilling boating technological innovations we have witnessed over the past 12 months.

Technological changes in our modern world are giving boaters more comfort and freedom to enjoy their lives and all boating activities. At the same time are setting the scenario for manufacturers to do wonders that few years ago would have been unconceivable. 

When talking about boats, from structural improvements till technological changes we have seen how innovation is sweeping the boating world. These wonderful vessels for travelling over water, are nowadays built better and faster. A lot of this innovative technology has also prepared the stage for other boating tools and devices designed to make your time away just as comfortable as on land.

Are you the type of person that always has the coolest new products and gadgets? Are you always looking for something innovative and fun to have on your boat?  If that’s you… keep tuned. We’ve gathered some details and information about 3 really awesome gadgets for your boat.


Joystick systems essentially replace the conventional outboard controls and cables with fly-by-wire electronics. The joystick allows you to control your twin engine boat with ease, making the task of docking a large vessel in windy conditions seem routine. Due its angling advantages, the joystick allows the operator to synchronize engines with one hand. Even if you are just a boating beginner, you will see the benefits of the high intuitive working style it has, it takes very little practice to become an expert.

With the joystick, the owner can even adjust the detents and throttle resistance for their personal preferences, even though you are not a control freak, this system will seduce you.

GPS-Assisted Boat Motor

It is common to find motors with variable speed, which dial in the speed and let Digital systems deliver the right amount of power, while conserving the battery. Driving these motorboats can be a bit spine-tingling at times. Regardless of all that power, we still find ourselves depending on the wind and the wave’s behavior, making it difficult to keep the boat stable and balanced. An old solution was to use the anchor in a quiet cove, fortunately there’s a new attractive innovation, and that is the GPS technology imbedded in the boat motor. These GPS-assisted boat motors keeps the boat steady, although it's going to be a long way until we can find a fully autonomous boat, these motors should still make life easier. Therefore when in need to relax, this positioning system is the one you can trust most.

Thermal & Infrared Sensors

Nowadays people is getting more and more 'techie', as a result everyone with a straightforward boating knowledge knows that the GPS should tell how to get from Point A to Point B. That the plotter gives an overview of the boat position, and the known obstacles and landmasses one can encounter. The radar should tell about other vessels and big obstacles that are in the way. But none of these actually helps to see what’s coming at night.

Someone spending money on a new boat, or improving the old one wants the best and latest, here is when the Thermal & Infrared Sensors find their place within the set of boating devices every sailor should have.

There are numerous benefits to thermal imaging in the marine industry, but probably the most important one is the one related with safety. These “see in the dark” sensors keep the user out of danger. They can even find people in the water, allowing fast scanning and recording of stationary targets in real time.

As you can see, once again a number of fascinating tech features are making boating safer, extra reliable, easier, and the whole experience way more delightful. The days of looking for changes in wind speed and direction, temperature drops, rapidly accumulating clouds and even a stronger salty odor to assess the weather conditions are in the past!

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